5 Days Of School

5 Days Of School

By Adrian Vickery

Chapter 1 The First Day

It's The First Day In My New School To Be Honest I'm Kinda Nervous. I Pack My Bags To Get Out The Door I Kiss My Mom Goodbye And Head To School. As I'm Walking To School I Encounter A Girl. She Walks Up To Me With A Smile And Says "Hi My Name Is Nozomi, What's Your Name?" I Look At Her For A-bit And Think To Myself She's So Pretty. Then I Reply With "Akira". She Looks At Me Still With A Smile On Her Face And Replies With "It's Nice To Meet You Akira". Then She Asks "Are You New Around Here? I've Never Seen You Before." I Reply With "Yes, I Actually Transferred From Laguna Creek Academy." She Had A Shocked Look On Her Face And Replied With "Wow!, That's One Of The Best Academy's In The World. How Did You Get In?" I Reply With "My Mom Has Saved Up A-lot Of Money So She Paid Them So I Can Get A Good Education." Then She Replies With "Your Mother Must Be The Best Mother In the World." I Reply With "She Is". Then She Asked "May I Walk To School With You?" I Said "Sure." As Me And Her Were Walking To School I Started To Realise That She Kept Wanting To Be Extremely Close To Me. I Don't Ask Questions As I Don't Want Her To Feel Bad. Then After A Few Minutes We Arrive At School.

Once Me And Her Arrived At School We Were Encountered By A Bully. Nozomi Said "That's Mio She Had It Out For Me Since Second Grade." I Reply With "Why?" She Says "I Don't Know She Just Was Constantly After Me." I Reply With "Trust Me When I Say This After Today She Will Never Come After You Again." Mio Walks Over To Nozomi. Nozomi Grabs My Hand. I Look At Mio. I Say To Mio "Back The Fuck Off Before I Get Angry And I Guarantee You Don't Want To See Me Angry." Mio Laughs Then Says "I'm Not Scared Of You. Do You Know Who I Am?" I Look At Her And Say "Yeah A Fucking Cunt." Nozomi Hides Behind Me. Mio Attempts To Punch Me But I Dodge It And Put Her In A Chokehold. Then I Ask "You Done Bitch?" Mio Gasping For Air Says "Fine You Win Just Let Me Go Please." I Let Mio Go She Runs Away As Fast As Possible. Nozomi Comes Out From Hiding And Gives Me A Huge Hug While Crying Happily And Says "Thank You So Much Akira!" I Hug Her Back And Say "Anything To Make Sure You're Safe." She Then Kisses Me On The Cheek And Says "You're So Sweet." I Blush Then Reply Back "I Know." She Continues To Hug Me Then She Says "I Never Wanna Let Go I Wanna Stay Like This Forever." I Reply With "Then Don't Let Go Hug Me As Long As You Like." She Smiles And Says "I Love You I Wanna Be With You Forever." I Blush Even More And Say "I-I Love You Too And Yes I Wanna Be With You Forever Too." She Looks Up At Me With A Big Smile On Her Face And Says "Then It's Settled We're Officially A Couple Now."

Chapter 2 The Second Day

It's The Second Day Of School To Be Honest I'm Looking Foward To It. Yesterday Was An Amazing Day Not Only Did I Meet The Girl Of My Dreams But, I Mangaged To Get With The Girl Of My Dreams. As I Pack My Bags To Get Ready For School, I Call Up Nozomi And Ask "So Are We Gonna Walk To School Together Like Yesterday?" Nozomi Says "Yeah, Of Course We Are Silly We Are A Couple After All." I Reply With "Ok, So It's Gonna Be An Everyday Thing Now?" Nozomi Replies With "Yes!" I Reply With "Ok!" Nozomi Giggles And Says "Alright, Be Sure To Wait On The Sidewalk For Me." I Reply With "Sure Thing!" I Hang Up The Phone Then Kiss My Mom Goodbye And Head Out The Door. I Walk To The Sidewalk And Wait For Nozomi. 5 Minutes Pass And Nozomi Arrives. She Hugs Me And Says "Thank You For Waiting!" I Reply With "No Thank You For Existing!" She Giggles And Kisses Me On The Lips And Then Says "I Love You So Much!" I Reply Back With "I Love You So Much Too!" Nozomi Smiles Then Holds My Hand. I Smile Back And Start Walking To School. Nozomi Follows And Grips Back Onto My Hand. I Look Down For A-Bit Then Continue Walking. After 5 Minutes We Arrive At School.

As We Were Entering The School's Premises I Notice That Mio Is Staying Away From Nozomi. Nozomi Notices That Too And Whispers To Me "Wow!, You Were Right She's No Longer Bothering Me Guess A Little Beating Taught Her A Lesson." I Wisper Back "Yep!, But Just To Play It Safe I'm Gonna Talk To Mr. Hironori And Get You In The Same Classes As Me So That Way Mio Can't Do Anything To You." Nozomi Wispers Back "Great Idea!" I Head To Mr. Hironori's Office And Go Inside. Mr. Hironori Looks Up And Says "Hi, May I Help You?" I Say "Yes, It's About A Safety Concern With Nozomi" Mr. Hironori Replies Back With "Oh, In That Case Sit Down." I Sit Down And Explain To Him How Mio Has Been Bothering Nozomi Lately And How I Feel Like It Would Be A Safer Alternative If We Can Switch Nozomi's Classes To Be The Same As Mine. Mr. Hironori Listens And Replies With "Well, If It Is A Guinune Safety Concern Then I'll Switch Nozomi's Classes To Be The Same As Yours." I Reply With "Ok, Thank You So Much!" Mr. Hironori Nods And Says "You're Welcome" I Head Out Of Mr. Hironori's Office And Then Head To Class. Once I Arrived At Class I Noticed That Nozomi Was In It. Nozomi Smiles Then Gives Me A Note That She Recived From Mr. Hironori It Read "Dear, Nozomi Due To A Saftey Concern I Switched Your Classes To Be The Same As Akira's Signed- Mr. Hironori." I Give Her Back The Note And Wisper "You're Welcome."

Chapter 3 The Third Day

It's The Third Day Of School To Be Honest I'm Kinda Excited. Yesterday Was So Cool Not Only Did Mio Leave Us Alone But Nozomi And I Now Have The Same Classes Together! As I Started Packing My Bags I Get A Call From Nozomi's Mother. I Quickly Answer The Phone. "Hello?" I Said To Witch She Said "Hi, This Is Miss. Jona Nozomi's Mother I Called You To Thank You For Keeping My Daughter Safe. She Told Me All The Things You Done For Her And I Deeply Appreciate It And If It Ever Happens I Approve Y'all Getting Married." I Reply Back With "No Problem, And Thanks For The Approval" She Replies Back With "It's My Pleasure" Then Hangs Up. I Contine Packing My Bags "Alright, Looks Like I'm Good To Go" I Say To Myself. I Kiss My Mom Goodbye And Head Out The Door Then I Wait On The Sidewalk For Nozomi To Arrive. After 10 Minutes Of Waiting Nozomi Arrives And Kisses Me On The Lips. After That We Grabbed Each Others Hand And Started Walking To School. After 5 Min We Arrive At School Then Me And Nozomi Enter The School's Premises

Once We Entered The School Premises Nozomi Had An Idea She Said "You Know What Would Be A Great Idea Is If You And Me Shared The Same Locker." I Reply With "That's An Amazing Idea I'll Let Mr. Niko Know So That Way Everyone On The Staff Team Knows So No Confusion Will Happen." Nozomi Kisses Me On The Lips And Says "You're The Best!" To Witch I Reply With "Mhm" After That We Each Went Our Seprate Ways. I Went To Mr Niko's Office And Let Him Know About The Locker Situation And Then After That I Went Back To Witch No Suprise Nozomi Was There.

Chapter 4 The Fourth Day

It's The Fourth Day Of School To Be Honest I'm Kinda Looking Foward To What Today Would Bring. Because Yesterday Nozomi's Mother Called Me To Thank Me And Nozomi Had An Idea To Share Lockers. So I Talked To Mr. Niko To Let Him Know Since He Manages That Type Of Stuff. Now Everyone On The Staff Team Knows About This Except For The New Teacher Mrs. Ren But No Worries I'll Be Sure To Let Them Know Today. I Pack My Bags To Get Ready For School. As I'm Packing My Bags To Get Ready For School I Hear A Knock On The Door. I Open Up The Door To See Who It Is Turns Out It's Nozomi. I Tell Her "Come In, Come In!" She Comes Inside I Ask Her "So Nozomi, Why Are You Here?" She Replies With "Oh, I'm Just Here To Keep You Company. Since You Told Me Your Mom Was On A Business Trip And Is Not Gonna Be Back For Awhile. I Already Spoke To My Mom And She Said It's Fine For Me To Stay Here Till She Gets Back. My Mom Also Spoke To Your Mom And She Has No Objections." I Say "Sure Hope She Doesn't." Nozomi Giggles And Kisses Me On The Lips. I Finish Packing My Bags Then Tell Nozmoi "Ok I'm Ready To Walk To School Now." She Grabs My Hand And Says "Alright, Let's Go!" I Walk Out The Door With Nozomi And Start Walking To School With Her. After 5 Minutes Of Walking We Enter The School Grounds. I Tell Nozomi "Alright, Im Going To Let Mrs. Rin Know About The Whole Locker Situation. After That I'll Meet You In Class. Ok?" Nozomi Nods Her Head And Says "Ok!" I Let Go Of Nozomi's Hand And Start Walking Over To Mrs. Rin's Class.

After A Few Minutes Of Walking I Arrive At Mrs. Rin's Class. I Go Over To Her Desk. She Says "May I Help You?" I Say "Yes." She Says "Ok, With What?" I Tell Her About How Me And Nozomi Are Sharing A Locker And Everyone Already Knows And How They Are Fine With It. Then I Explain Why I Wanted To Tell Her To Witch She Replied With "Ok, I'll Make A Note Of This, Thank You For Telling Me." I Reply With "No Problem!" Then I Head Back To Class.

Chapter 5 The Final Day

It's The Final Day Of School To Be Honest I Am Not Too Happy Cause After Today I'll Never Get To Walk With Nozomi To School Again. But On The Brightside At Least She's At My House Right Now That Is Untill My Mom Gets Back Witch I Have A Feeling It's Gonna Be Longer Than Expected. I Pack My Bags To Get Ready For School As Im Packing My Bags Nozomi Pokes Me On The Shoulder. I Turn Over To Her Then Say "Yes?" She Replies With "I Spoke With Mr. Sana The Owner Of The School Today And He Said That School Is Optional Today. Since It Is The Last Day After All. And I'm Having Our Deplomas Sent In The Mail, So No Need To Worry About That." I Look At Nozomi With A Joyful Look On My Face Then Give Her The Biggest Hug Yet. Nozomi Smiles And Says "You're Welcome." I Ask Nozomi "So, What Are We Going To Do Since School Is Optional Today?"

Nozomi Thinks For A-bit Then Says "We Could Watch A Movie Together, That Will Be Fun!" I Look At Nozomi And Then Reply To Her With "Great Idea But What Movie?" Nozomi Thinks For A Few Minites Then Replies With "Sherk Maybe?" I Look At Nozomi And Say "Hell Yeah." Nozomi Giggles Puts Her Arm Around My Waist And Turns On Shrek. I Also Put My Arm Around Her Waist But Then Rest My Head On Her Shoulder. After 45 Minutes Of Watching The Movie I Fall Asleep On Nozomi's Shoulder. Nozomi Continues Watching The Movie Then Shortly After That She Slowly Moves Me To Her Lap. Then Gives Me A Pat On The Head And Contines Watching The Movie. A Few Minutes Pass And Nozomi Is Asleep As Well.

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